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About us:

Silicon World Computer company was established in 2001. In spite of such a relatively young age, we have all reasons to be proud of our achievements. During this period Silicon World Computer has attained the level of ripe, dynamically developing company with the built up corporate and professional culture, whose honesty, openness and strict observance of obligations could serve as a model for building civilized business in any company.
Our company resides in a unique place in the Middle East, in one of the biggest sea and airline nodes - Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. It is one of the largest centers of the world trading alongside of Singapore in Asia and Amsterdam in Europe. Here you can find any product made on this planet at competitive prices.
The combination of a profound knowledge of the local markets and strong international team allows Silicon World Computer to give a wide commodity market to the suppliers, while providing the most favorable operating conditions for clients at the same time.
The company offers big line of laptops from such leaders of the computer industry as HP, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell and many others. Also engaged in the wholesale: computer system, computer, monitors, peripherals, component parts, and is one of the largest suppliers in the UAE, a number of well-known manufacturers: WD, Seagate, LG, Samsung, Asrock.
Being in a group of leaders in the computer market UAE, we professionally provide you with all of our products. Offering you a partnership, we hope to get in your face corporate client. This allows you to quickly purchase our high quality products at a reasonable price. Commodity loans - an integral part of our company's partners. In the presence of a positive payment history, the partner has the opportunity to trade credit in our company. We provide our partners the different types of financial support that are selected individually for each partner.
The existence of special circumstances and individual approach allows each partner to offer a program of cooperation that is suitable to him. We work with entities of all forms of ownership, accept all types of payments and help arrange the shipping documents the best way for you.

Our mission is to satisfy customers' demand in computer equipment with flexible pricing politics and professional services. Our goal is to build long lasting mutually beneficial relations, which will provide a fair balance of interests between company and customers.
1. Responsibility and decency are the foundation of our relations with clients and partners.
2. Employees of the company are the foundation of our success. We work as one team and we take initiatives.
3. Competition and ambition stimulate our successful development.
4. Company values training, professional perfection and personal growth of its employees.
1. We always meet our engagements.
2. Exactingness and strictness of our consumer drive the evolution of our company.
3. We work according to the principles of professional ethics and confidentiality.
4. Permanent evolution. In our business, we cannot stop on our current achievements.
Evolution strategy
1. Striving for conquering leading positions in the distribution market of computer equipment.
2. Creating world-class company.
3. Maximum market coverage, expansion of activity, evolution of regional business transactions.
4. Innovations directed at creating and offering new products and services.
5. Constantly enhancing quality of work for our customers' satisfaction.

Ramazan Kalimov
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